Warrior 2: tips for better alignment

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Warrior 2 is one of the most popular yoga poses, and is taught in many classes. This pose offers a long list of benefits if performed with good alignment. Proper alignment will help encourage engagement of a long list of muscles that will increase strength, stability, and posture throughout the body. When this pose is done with poor alignment it can cause strain to the medial (inside) compartment of the knee on the front leg. Over time, if the yoga student continues to practice this pose without mindfulness of alignment injury may occur to the cartilage or ligaments that make up the knee joint. So, here are a few tips for improving your alignment during Warrior 2:

  • Turn to face the side of your mat

  • Step your feet 2-3 feet apart (start with a shorter distance)

  • Turn your right foot toward the front of your mat

  • Place your hands on your hips and make sure they feel level – the back hip is not higher than the front

  • Bend your front knee

  • ** TIP: Start with a small bend in the knee **

  • ** TIP: Look down and make sure you can see your big toe **

  • ** TIP: For proper alignment – Draw an imaginary line from your knee cap to your 2nd toe **

  • ** TIP: If you can not line your knee cap up with your 2nd toe then turn your hips and your back foot toward the front of the mat as much as you need to in order to achieve the alignment – it is more important that your knee doesn’t collapse inward than for your hips to face the edge of your mat **

  • Raise your arms in line with your shoulders

  • Hold for 5 breaths

Don’t feel like you need to take the deepest form of your Warrior 2. Yoga is about finding the right balance in your body in each pose so you can receive the most benefit. For the next few months, try modifying your Warrior 2 so you can best serve your body! Remember, yoga is about consistency of practice….a deeper Warrior 2 will come with a deeper commitment to your personal practice!

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