About our Journey 

Since the beginning of COVID 19, Yoga Hawaii Fitness, Carolyn Rose, who has given her time for teaching livestream zoom yoga classes for free. She understands financial hardship and agrees

that your fitness goals don't need to change. She believes in giving back primarily through difficult times when finding stillness is a sacred journey to ease the mind through breath and movement. With other wonderful yoga and fitness teachers, we provide various livestream zoom yoga and fitness classes to help the community maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying at home. All teachers have yoga or fitness credentials and teach from the heart. Our donations and funding from organizations who believe in our yoga journey, will help us pay our teachers and add more classes.

We believe in "Seva" 

The word "Seva" is a Sanskrit word often associated with the facet of yoga meaning “service.” However, it is more than just a simple desire to help others. ... It is an expression of compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you.


Your gift to us is your presence!